Writing a Book

Writing is never an easy thing to do, and even essays or short stories can be a challenge. So, when I came up with the idea to write a book for my 2nd semester Genius Hour project, I thought I had gone crazy. But after some thought, I realized that it might not be as difficult as I had originally assumed. I will be writing and illustrating a children’s book. I know this will take lots of work, but as a child, I had always wanted to write my own book. I am now seventeen, but I still think, and sometimes act, like a child. I know that if I push myself, I will be able to accomplish my goal in the time frame that I have. Throughout my writing process, I will research popular children’s book writers and their methods of writing. I will also research topics that today’s kids find “cool”, so that my book is as appealing as possible. Learning to illustrate will also be a part of my project, and I will watch YouTube videos and read books on the subject matter. Finally, I will look at the publication method and how it works. I want to present my finished story to my class, as well as other elementary school classes to see if my story is a success. This blog is where I will document my progress and research, and I hope you find this as enlightening as I will!