Starting my Writing

This post holds information from the past two weeks.

Last week, I talked to my school librarian about children’s books. She is bothe the high school and elementary librarian, so I figured that she knew her stuff. I was having trouble starting my book; I just didn’t know what to say. She gave me these helpful tips:

  • The first cover page should have an image of the main setting and characters.
  • The story then starts off by setting the scene with as much detail as possible. This could be time period, season, room, geographical location, weather, time of day, and occasion.
  • Then, I have to introduce my main characters…or at least some of them. They should get the same treatment as the setting.


The next week, with my librarian’s tips in mind, I wrote a bit in class and after class throughout the day. I find that once I start writing, ideas seem to come to me fairly quickly. I have my setting and characters introduced, using plenty of detail, and I have my conflict introduced. I am trying my best to stick with the rules that I researched, and it is working well so far. I have made my two main characters very different from one another, I have been descriptive, but not too wordy, and I have included impossible, yet semi-realistic events. I have also tried to appeal to the modern generation by talking about computers and technology. I need to get to the actual action and climax. I don’t know where I am going with this, but with some time, I will get it.


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