Evaluation and Advice

This is my last post as my project comes to an end. It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t critique my own project, so that is what I am going to do. Here is my list of things that I have to say:

  • My drawings are HORRIBLE. Some of them are mediocre at best and they look as though a child did them. I was very rushed with my illustrations and it shows. I wish I had payed one of my more artisic, puntual classmates to do this for me. I honestly pushed that part of the project aside and I shouldn’t have.
  • I need to bind it. I think I am going to. It looks very unprofessional and “naked”. I need to figure out how to do this.
  • My story is boring. I needed to put more time into it. I didn’t edit it as much as I should have. My first draft was practically my final draft. Time really got away from me. I honestly forgot about this project for a while (thanks to homework and activities), and it shows in my writing.
  • I like my cover and title. (the title is Question? Internet.) I kept it simple. I was going to do something cheesy, but I figured I would tell it how it is. I also like the art I put on the cover. It is a bit better than the rest of it. (I will add picures once it is bound)
  • I spent too much time researching with my deadline. But I’m glad I did it. (See below)

Finally, I will give you my advice.

  • RESEARCH. Learn everything you can. This was the one thing that I did well. I acually think that I spend too much time doing this with my deadline. If you don’t have a deadline, take all the time you can. When I was rushing around to finish, I was glad I had those rules so that I didn’t waste a lot of time going around in circles.
  • If you can’t draw, PRACTICE. Or, just get someone else to do it. Illustrating caused me lots of stress.
  • Don’t do this if you have a strict deadline. Do it for fun, or as a hobby. Deadlines cause stress, and you may not get something that you are happy with. I did not. I would have saved myself lots of stress if I hadn’t done this for a project. I definatly want to try it again under different circumstances.
  • Write about something that really, REALLY interests YOU. I focused too much on what kids want. This made it hard for me to write something acceptable.
  • Write more than one draft, for obvious reasons.
  • Be serious about what you are doing. Don’t push it to the backburner. It will only get harder if you do.
  • Get insperation from other people. Your idea doesn’t have to be 100% original. If you like another author’s ideas, use them! (Sparingly)
  • Do not wait until the last minute. It will kill your mind.
  • Work in an environment that doesn’t allow many distractions. Your mind will work more efficiently.

Well, those are my book writing tips. This was truly an experiance, and I’m glad that I did it. It really opened my eyes to how DIFFICULT book writing is. As a person who writes random short stories for fun, I though it was going to be a piece of cake. I was so very wrong. I didn’t know about the rules, I totally forgot about the illustrations, and I neglected the fact that I would have to write for kids. All I can say is that authors do not get enough credit. So, the next time you read one of those silly picture books, try to think of all of the work behind it.


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