Brainstorming Actual Ideas

I have researched…a lot. I have learned some of the steps and the do’s and don’ts of writing a children’s book. It’s now time for me to start brainstorming. I have my heart set to writing about adventure. As I said before, I am a person who will read and enjoy ANYTHING, but as a child, I would have really liked something exciting, something that is physically impossible in the real world, but still not complete fantasy. I know that 4-7 year old me would have loved that. Speaking of ages, I have put some thought into that, and I have decided that I want something that can be read to a younger child and be kind of understood, but at the same time, I want an older child to be able to read it for themselves and really get a good message out of it.

Now, on to the actual brainstorming. I took my idea of adventure and asked myself, “What to kids like these days?” I had two answers to that: technology and sports/the outdoors. So my first idea was to have two kids ask their parents a question…a bad question. (The question would not actually be stated in the book) These two kids keep asking other adults this same question…to no avail. So, as anyone would, they look it up on the internet…and they get sucked in. They go on an adventure in the internet. At first, they find it wonderful and have a great time. Then, they go to the weird/bad side of the internet. There, they get lost, have to fight off bad guys, and find a way out. This goes along with one of the rules that I found: always fight bad guys. Once they get out,(the good guys HAVE to win) they realize their mistake. The moral of this story is “SOME QUESTIONS ARE BETTER LEFT UNANSWERED.”

I have yet to come up with an idea for the sports/outdoor theme. When I do, I will post it. I have a basic outline, but I want more. I know that choosing between the two is going to be a challenge, and I also know that I will change both of those ideas countless times. This will defiantly be interesting.




Doing some research on successful book writing was a huge thing on my timeline for this project. The amount of information that I discovered was astronomical. There are so many rules, tips, and ideas out there. Everything got to be very overwhelming and kind of repetitive. Most of the sites had the same tips. Some are obvious, and some are very unknown. One of the most helpful websites that I found was: This was written by a lady who edits books.(I think) It was extremely detailed and it put most of the information I gathered in one place. I used other sites as well, to which I will link at the end of this post. I’m not going to sit here and type all of this information out, as the sites do it way better than I ever will. Also, I would be sitting here at my computer for 5 hours. Anyhow, this site has taught me well. Very well. I actually feel like I am ready to start properly writing my book now. I have a few ideas (which will be my next post) and I can’t wait to start elaborating on them. I know for a fact that I want something with adventure. And kids. Kids who go on adventures. This is as far as I have gotten.

Author Pat Mora gave me some great tips on her site when it comes to picking a topic and writing. She says to start slowly and brainstorm lots. My idea will change about 100 times before I actually come up with the one that I want. I will want to change my story even after I am done with the final draft, and that is okay. It’s perfectly normal. She also suggests keeping a journal or diary that is designated for brainstorming. She says to write about things that you like to read about. Unfortunatly for me, I will read and enjoy just about anything, so this might be a bit difficult. I will eventually figure it out, though. When I do, expect another blog post from me.

Other places that I was able to get information from:

Writing a Book

Writing is never an easy thing to do, and even essays or short stories can be a challenge. So, when I came up with the idea to write a book for my 2nd semester Genius Hour project, I thought I had gone crazy. But after some thought, I realized that it might not be as difficult as I had originally assumed. I will be writing and illustrating a children’s book. I know this will take lots of work, but as a child, I had always wanted to write my own book. I am now seventeen, but I still think, and sometimes act, like a child. I know that if I push myself, I will be able to accomplish my goal in the time frame that I have. Throughout my writing process, I will research popular children’s book writers and their methods of writing. I will also research topics that today’s kids find “cool”, so that my book is as appealing as possible. Learning to illustrate will also be a part of my project, and I will watch YouTube videos and read books on the subject matter. Finally, I will look at the publication method and how it works. I want to present my finished story to my class, as well as other elementary school classes to see if my story is a success. This blog is where I will document my progress and research, and I hope you find this as enlightening as I will!